How to Restore Deleted Files on Android

How to Restore Deleted Files on Android 

How to Restore Deleted Files on Android – If you lose valuable files, videos, data, and applications on your Android device, don’t worry because there is a problem-free solution that can help you recover all lost data. Even though the process is not 100% successful, it can still help you to recover some of your files. Disk Drill offers a simple data recovery process that is easy to follow and appear on your Android tablet or smartphone. Our Android device data recovery software can recover all types of video files, documents, photos and data that are not deleted from your device.

To recover Android device files, follow these steps after downloading our Android device recovery software.

How to restore deleted files on an Android device

  1. Download Drill Disk on your PC.
  2. Install the program on your PC and activate the USB debugging mode on your device
  3. Connect your Android tablet, smartphone or other Android device to your PC.
  4. Launch Drill Disk and select the device for which you want to recover files from, a number of drives will be displayed on your PC, making sure you choose the right drive.
  5. After selecting your device drive, scan lost files, data and documents that are not deleted. The scanning process can take several minutes or hours depending on the volume of storage of the device and the speed of your PC.
  6. When the scanning process is complete, the Drill Disk will display all recoverable files. Save the file to the specified folder on your PC and transfer it back to your Android device using a USB connection.

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