Ways to Cure Yourself from Psychological Trauma

Ways to Cure Yourself from Psychological Trauma 

Trauma can cause serious mental health problems. Eliminating the shadow of trauma is not easy, the stress caused by trauma can last forever.

Some examples of trauma are accidents, loss of the closest person, victims of bullying, rape, natural disasters, etc.

 Trauma can cause serious mental health disorders How to Cure Yourself from Psychological Trauma

The impact of a sense of trauma is a mental disorder, changes in behavior, disruption of social life, so that it can affect the physical condition (health problems).

People who experience the tramua taste should confide in or tell their condition to the closest person.

By telling the condition of yourself to people who love ourselves, it will make more relief and feeling better.

Support from loved ones (close people) is very important, and can relieve discomfort in the soul.

Overcoming Trauma in the Soul

It’s important to keep yourself busy and carry out activities that can make you more calm. This is expected to divert your attention to various important and interesting activities

Don’t fill your free time by listening to sad songs and things that can cause negative stimuli.

When you often listen to sad songs it is feared that it can have a bad effect on your emotional state, which can then arouse a sense of past trauma.

One very good activity for you to do is exercise. Exercising is a great way to relieve trauma.

Exercise is beneficial for physical and mental health. Do the type of exercise you enjoy, make it a fun time.

Don’t get away from the social environment

Keeping away from the closest people who love you, it will make you alone, which worsens the feeling of trauma.

Get enough sleep (don’t stay up late)

Sleep is very important because it will rest the body and mind. Sleep at night (around 9pm) so you will wake up at dawn (or morning) with a fresh physical state and mind.

With a physical and fresh mind so that it can relieve trauma, stress or a heavy mind.

As for lack of sleep, it causes emotional instability, which adversely affects the mental state and sense of trauma.

Join Social Activities

You can take part in various social activities, choose social activities that you feel are very good.

Doing social activities will translate and eliminate trauma, and provide life experiences that are beneficial to you.

Following social activities will also make you meet good people (volunteers).

Take Long Breath

The feeling of trauma will disturb the stability of the mind and soul. Try taking a deep breath to relax yourself.

With a deep breath will prevent you from feeling negative and excessive emotions.

Other things to deal with trauma:

  • Think if everything has passed. Various bad memories are the past and are over. There are many other things that you need to do in the future.
  • Always think positive. Do not let the trauma last long, causing depression. Various thoughts that give rise to trauma must be removed.
  • Focus on things that are fun and useful. Don’t dwell on something useless.
  • Vacation to a pleasant place. You can walk every weekend or every two weeks. So that your thoughts and feelings can be distracted from the feeling of trauma.
  • You are advised to be friends with people who have been released from trauma. You might know if many other people who have been affected by trauma are more severe than you. 

In closing, remember that consuming alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs will actually worsen the trauma condition.

If the trauma experienced does not go away, you may need help from a psychotherapist or psychiatrist. To eliminate trauma, do not hesitate to ask for help from the closest person or experts.

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