Ways to Make Toddlers Not Easy to Be Prone

Ways to Make Toddlers Not Easy to Be Prone 

Children have various characteristics, but generally children (especially toddlers) often cry. This must be well understood by his parents.

Children often cry because they need attention, other than that because children easily cry because they feel insecure.

 This must be well understood by parents. How to make toddlers not easy to whine

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Some toddlers when they meet people who have just seen will refuse and cry. That’s because he feels insecure or uncomfortable.

So that toddlers are not whiny, then one way is to build their confidence.

When toddlers are not able to do something so they cry, then the task of parents is to motivate or provide strong confidence in toddlers that they are able to solve it.

So that when difficulties with something, toddlers will try to overcome it, instead of crying.

This does not mean that children should not cry, whose name is toddlers, surely in certain times they will cry, what parents need to do is instill an unyielding spirit in children.

Teach Children

Often toddlers cry when they want to ask something for their parents. Then teach children to talk when they want to ask for something, instead of crying.

Children crying is natural, especially if they are under 2 years old. Where children have difficulty explaining their desires so they cry.

This cryptic child problem needs to be dealt with slowly. Inappropriate parenting can cause children to grow up to be whiny figures.

Pampering children may but have limits. Do not let the parents obey the requests of children who are not good.

Parents must encourage the development of children’s emotional intelligence, recognize the child’s attitude. Help children to be able to recognize and manage their own feelings.

Teach children to communicate their feelings well.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand the feelings of yourself and others. This is very important so that children easily get along with other people.

In fact, many experts explain that emotional intelligence is the most important thing, which is the biggest determinant of happiness in life.

Therefore, it is very important for parents to develop the emotional intelligence of their children from infancy.

To train children’s emotional intelligence, parents must provide quality time for children.

Children should not be ignored, do intense communication between parents and children. Be sensitive to children’s emotions and give a response (response).

When children are emotional, they can respond, for example: “Wow, brother / sister is really angry …”.

Teach toddlers to know the names of various expressions. “Your sister looks more angry / happy / sad / etc.”

 Ask about your child’s feelings, for example “Why are you sad? “

“How do you feel if you happen to sister?”, Etc.

As parents, of course, you must first know the form of children’s expression. For example, when a child always seems to be clenching his fist, then the child seems to be angry. So parents need to calm their children immediately. Parents must be sensitive to the feelings of children.

Train the child slowly to be a good listener. Train your child also to be calm. Obviously in training children should be patient because the process is long.

Children with high emotional intelligence can express their desires well, cooperative, optimistic, friendly, able to solve the problem, not whiny and easily directed.

Teach Children Socialization

A whiny child because he is not confident when playing with his friends. Crying children as a sign of “asking for help” on the problem they face.

Therefore it is very important to teach children to be able to socialize with their friends. See if there are problems faced by children when interacting.

This is where the importance of intense communication of parents to their children. If the child is used to communicating with his parents, then he will be able to get along more easily.

Give Activities to Children

Other tips to overcome the problem of whiny in children is to provide activities or hobbies for children. So that children’s talents can be explored early, and children become confident with their abilities (talent).

You can provide activities that your child likes, such as drawing, sports, etc. Try activities that are given to children, besides pleasing children is also useful for him.

Do not Get Rid Of Children

Sometimes parents get upset and scold their whiny child. Avoid this because the child might think that his parents do not love him.

In addition, scolding will make the child worse and worse. Therefore, when children cry, do not overreact, parents remain calm.

Many children make crying as a powerful weapon to seek the attention of their parents.

Give a normal response when the child cries, it’s better to be calm (tend to be ignorant) when the child cries.

So that children will no longer make crying as their flagship weapon. This will also teach children that the way to get the attention of their parents is to talk carefully.

Then give praise when the child does not make a scene.

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