6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Battery Durable

6 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Battery Durable 

No matter you are a phubber (i.e. smartphone addict) to make a Durable Android battery or a regular mobile user, you will focus on the topic of how to make cellphone batteries last longer, which is why this article offers 6 tips for your reference.

6 tips to make your cellphone battery last longer:

Tip 1: Use an original charger to charge your cellphone.

Genuine chargers can guarantee the best battery performance. So stop charging your phone with a universal charger or other charger.

Tip 2: Control charging time.

1. For newly purchased phones, for the first three charging times, make sure the battery is charged for 12 hours.

2. When the phone tells you that the battery is low, take it to charge and make sure it is fully charged at one time.

3. Don’t refill your phone. The battery will be damaged to a certain extent if it is charged for more than 24 hours.

Tip 3: Don’t use your cellphone during the charging process.

Using the phone during the charging process can make the battery overheat, which does not endanger its performance. More seriously, an electric shock or explosion might occur.

Note: You are strongly advised to charge your cellphone while in shutdown mode.

Tip 4: Activate the power saving mode on your phone.

FYI, on some Android phones, the power saving mode can be activated with the following instructions.

Step 1: Access Settings.

Step 2: Find and click Power saving mode.

Step 3: Select the Power saving mode.

Tip 5: Keep your cellphone away from high temperatures or low temperatures.

Extreme temperatures will affect battery usage. So, put your cellphone in normal temperature places such as pockets, bags, etc.

Tip 6: Stop using your cellphone to play games or music for a long time.

Either playing games or playing music uses too much battery.

Hopefully, the above method can be useful in making your mobile battery last longer and not wasteful thanks.

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