How much is the income from Admob?

How much is the income from Admob?

Lately, many have asked me how much income from Admob? Well, actually I’m also confused about the answer, because the results depend on the hard work of friends. There is no specific standard of income from Admob, there are penyebab iklan admob tidak muncul many factors that affect how many rupiahs or dollars we can get from Admob, there are income starting at $ 0.01 per day, $ 1 / day or even millions of rupiah per day.

Then what are the factors that affect the income of Admob? Here I summarize several factors according to experience, if there are friends who ask how much income from AdMob:

Yes, you are not wrong. If you go into the world of Admob, Admob is an online business, because there is a velocity of money in it. We get income from the Cost Per Click or Display per Thousand from advertisers who advertise their products. Each ad that appears in the application or game that we make, will be paid by Admob via per thousand views (CPM) or per Cost per click (CPC). So, keep in your mindset that Admob is a business.

The choice of target countries greatly influences CPM and impacts on CPC advertising. Why did it happen? This is because rivals of advertisers in the country are very influential. If in a premium country, chances are that you will get a very high cost-per-click, advertisers will raise bids or offer advertisements because of the high competition for keywords and competitors, and vice versa. Of course this will benefit the publishers for us, if our android application can appear in a premium country.

This type of advertisement on Admob is divided into banner, interstitial and reward ads. Each ad has its own advantages for Admob and advertisers, sometimes banner text ads have a CPC greater than intertitial image ads, or even higher if you install reward ads. Again, we depend on the advertiser which pairs are higher.

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