Laptop Caring Tips

Laptop Caring Tips 

Laptops are one of the portable and easy-to-carry portable computers, which require special attention and care because these devices are more expensive than desktop PCs, so proper care is needed so as to avoid spending more on laptop repairs.

Laptops are portable computer devices that are very sensitive so that they are extra careful so the age of laptop usage is longer. The following are tips on caring for a laptop from a blog. Hopefully these tips are useful for readers.

1. Strip the Laptop

Laptops usually have a wrapper, cover or cover in the form of cloth and plastic. Take off the laptop “clothes” if the laptop is being used. This is meant to keep the air vents on the laptop maintained so that it is smooth in the disposal of hot temperatures from inside the laptop. There are still a lot of us using laptops without removing the laptop wrappers themselves so that the laptop quickly gets hot and causes damage to laptop components.

2. Avoid collisions

Because as a mobile device that is always carried everywhere, it is certainly not separated from the possibility of collisions. Try to keep the impact from happening, even if it takes care not to be hard, because laptops are designed and assembled with thin materials so that the components inside the laptop are easily shifted and cause damage. The device that is most sensitive to collisions is the hard drive, and so far the laptop device that is most often damaged is the hard disk. So that your laptop’s handdisks are safe and long-lived, you should stay away from collisions on your laptop.

3. Put Laptops On The Flat Surface

Place the laptop on a flat surface such as a table, and never place the laptop on a soft surface such as mattresses, pillows, car seats and others. Uneven surfaces can cause air vents on the laptop to be closed so that the process of exchanging heat from the laptop is blocked. Excessive laptop heat can damage memory and other devices.

4. Don’t burden the laptop

As I said above, laptops made of very thin materials can easily be damaged, so avoid placing other items on the laptop. Do not overtake the laptop with books or other objects that can damage the laptop LCD due to excessive pressure.

5. Dont’t Charge Battery Laptop Non Stop

I see some laptop users never remove the charger from the wall socket, even it stays plugged in from night to morning, this is not good for your laptop adapter. According to, the best way to take care of a laptop charger / adapter is to charge if needed, after being full, immediately remove the cable from the socket.

6. Clean the Laptop Periodically

Laptops should not only be used but also remember the maintenance, such as cleaning the LCD screen, cleaning the keyboard and laptop case. Use recommended cleaning fluid and do not use water especially for cleaning LCDs. Be careful in cleaning the LCD because the LCD is very easily scratched so before using cleaning fluid, you should first clean the dust with a soft brush.

7. Keep the Laptop From the Speaker

The speaker has a fairly large magnetic attraction, avoid your laptop from the magnets on the speaker. In addition to avoiding magnets, Soccer also makes a sound and creates a fairly large vibration, so don’t put the laptop on the speaker.

8. Avoid Laptops From Direct Sunlight

Laptops are usually placed in rooms, but it should be noted here is the position of the laptop, whether the position of the laptop can be exposed to direct light from the sun, if it is likely to be exposed to direct light from the sun, you should immediately move to a safer location that is not light direct sun. In addition to not dealing directly with direct sunlight, laptops also should not be stored in a tightly closed cabinet because it can cause condensation in laptop components, causing damage to laptop components when turned on.

Eight tips on caring for the laptop above if you pay close attention it is very influential on the age of a laptop. I have proven this myself, my laptop is more than 5 years old, still safe and there are no problems. Hopefully tips on caring for a laptop from a blog this is useful for all readers.

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