Tips for Caring for Computer Networks

Tips for Caring for Computer Networks 

Computer networks that have been installed properly should not be left unattended without adequate maintenance so that the functions of the network do not work properly, so that the Tips for Caring for the Computer Network is needed so that the network continues to function properly as a communication path between several computer units in the network. The network treated here is a Local Area Network (LAN) network, not a WAN network.

To take care of the network, we need to know some of the devices in the network, namely, computer servers, client computers, HUB / Switch Hubs, network cables and connectors. Some of the main components in the network mentioned above also need to be treated so that the installed network really functions properly. What will be done in caring for the network that has been designed? follow the Tips for Caring for the Computer Network below.

Computer Maintenance Server

The server computer as a central computer, of course works continuously to serve all client computers that are connected to the server, this makes the computer server also must be considered in maintenance. Maintenance on the server in connection with data stored centrally on the server to be managed properly, do backup data on the server periodically. In addition to data maintenance, server computers should also consist of two units, namely the main server and the replacement server, because the server computer usually works without interruption 24 hours so that at any time in the event of damage or routine maintenance, a replacement server will be installed to replace the main server.

Client Computer Care

The client computer is not like a server computer, if one client computer is damaged, it will not affect another computer unit on the network. Unlike the server computer, if there is damage, communication in the network can be interrupted. However, the client computer must also be given care, such as cleaning the inside of the cpu from dust, cleaning the virus, defragging the files and others.

UTP Network Cable Maintenance

The communication path in a local network other than wireless is to use a cable, so the cable is always routinely noticed. Based on my experience managing computer labs, cable is a component that must be considered, for example, controlling the position of the network cable, whether rats often pass or not, because rats like to eat cables. If mice often go through, you should install a mouse trap, mouse glue or something that is important in order to repel mice so as not to disturb the network cable.

RJ45 Connector Maintenance

The connector as a connector between the cable and the network card (LAN Card / Network Card) must also be given attention in maintenance. The treatment that I usually do in the computer lab that I manage is to clean the brass pins in each connector. It’s a bit tiring because the connector pin is so small that it requires patience to clean it. To clean the connector pins can use emery or may also use safety pins to clean the mushrooms that grow between where the pin is located. After cleaning, don’t forget to brush with a brush.

Maintenance of HUB / HUB Switch

In addition to the server as a data processing center, the HUB function is also important, because if the HUB has a problem, then the computer connected to the network through the HUB is problematic and cannot communicate well with other computer devices. Place the HUB in a room with a temperature that is not too hot, clean the outside of the casing of the HUB from dust so that not too much dust enters the inside of the HUB.

Computer Network Maintenance Tips above are tips in outline only, you as a network manager must be able to know the existing network design so that it facilitates maintenance, for example marking each cable connected to the client computer and server computer or from the computer to the HUB. This is very important to assist in performing computer network maintenance. Even though it’s still just an outline, I hope that the tips above can benefit visitors to this blog and if you have an opinion about tips on caring for the network, don’t hesitate to share your knowledge in the comments section.

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