Eliminating the MxAntiSpy

Eliminating the MxAntiSpy  

Virus The friend attack laptop MxAntiSpy, the indication is, every time I connects the flash disk to a USB port, the drive is not there, even though the USB drive can read, even all data processing processes such as copy , delete and rename files on the flash disk drive is running as usual, but the Drive messages not found still appear and cannot be removed.

Since I don’t know anything about MxAntiSpy, at first I was confused by the name, I think this is an anti-spyware software that can remove spyware, it turns out that this is a virus that can copy itself to a flash disk. This is evident when I insert the flash disk into the USB port on the laptop that has been attacked by the virus, and after I check it turns out there is a file with the name MxAntiSpy already on the flash disk. This means Cara Menghilangkan Watermark bandicam MxAntiSpy copies itself and spreads via flash disk.

How to Overcome MxAntiSpy

After finding MxAntiSpy which always disrupts the performance of the laptop, I finally tried to find a way to eradicate the MxAntiSpy virus. The following is how I eradicated the MxAntiSpy virus and this method did work.
  1. Run Task Manager
  2. On the Processes tab, look for MxAntiSpy and click End Process
  3. Close the task manager then go to regedit
  4. Use the F3 key to search for MxAntiSpy and delete everything related to MxAntiSpy
  5. Close regedit and restart the computer
With the five steps above, the MxAntiSpy virus can be removed, and when I try to insert the flash disk into the laptop, it turns out the message does not appear and interfere again. Hopefully this method can be useful for all blog visitors.

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