How to Research Keyword Keyword Long Tail

Many people target keywords whose volume or search level is high per month, but they forget to search for keywords that are more targeted. The targeted keywords are usually longer and this is called the Keyword Long Tail.

Maybe many will say this keyword Long Tail Keyword is a very small number of searches. Did you know, although the number of searches is very small, but keywords like this will provide a huge profit for your business.

But do not go wrong too …

Not all long keywords (Long Tail Keyword) will give profit or have a high value. I will try to re-record in this article how you can keyword ranking api find and find Keyword Long Tail that has a high value.

Why Use Long Tail Keyword?

Actually this relates to our lesson in the first lesson about the search intent and also in our lesson in lesson 3 about how to analyze a keyword competition.

All you need to know, keywords that have a high value or keyword that are commercial intent usually have longer words than the main keyword. So, let’s say you want to buy a 23-inch HP 23es Display monitor, I’m sure when you want to buy on the internet you will search using keywords like this “buy HP 23es 23-inch Display Jakarta” instead of “HP 23es 23-inch Display “

Right ya …?

In addition, Long Tail Keywords usually have a lower level of competition than shorter keywords.

Even though the level of search is much less, we might accidentally target many other Keyword Long Tail keywords at once so that the volume also becomes much more numerous.

We have also learned that the search volume is very little, but we can target many long tail keywords without us intentionally at once so that if we add up the search volume it will also be more.

How Do I Find Long tail keywords

Actually in this explanation, if you are observant in following our previous lesson, you already know and find a long tail keyword.

Believe it or not if someone teaches you to look for long tail keywords by using Google keyword planner I say what was taught about long tail is wrong. The correct way to find my version of long tail keyword is to use the help of some software or applications that are already available on the internet, here’s how to research keyword long tail keywords with the help of a software:

1# Ubersuggest

Originally Ubersuggest was a stand-alone website that was not affiliated with the Neil Patel website as it is today. Indeed, Ubersuggest is designed to look for long tail keywords as well as to bring traffic to a particular website, for example the website Neil Patel.

This relates to the guidelines I made about making PBN on the article page that specifically discusses ” How to Make Secure PBN from the Google Equator Storm and Practice How to Make PBN “

With the help of ubersuggest, you can easily dig deeper into keywords that might help add visitors to your website.

The alternative for ubersuggest tool is and also Keyword Snatcher which you can download the software on the article page that we discussed ” Alternative Free Keyword Tool for Keyword Research .”

2 # Take advantage of Google Webmaster Tools

Usually a website that already has a lot of traffic and stable traffic comes from search engines or YouTube, by itself there will appear a lot of long tail keywords that go to your website that you have never created before.

Look, you might have 100-1000 articles and already have visitors. To be able to see and know the keywords that you accidentally targeted you must be connected to the webmaster tool or Google Analytics (if it’s already connected). Please try to click the Search Traffic menu then click Search Queries.

Then later you will see the keywords that you didn’t think about before and you didn’t target them appearing on Google Webmaster Tool. Well from here you can get ideas and find long tail keywords.

3 # Forum Website, Social Media and Community Website

To get an idea you don’t have to worry about thinking for a long time or feeling dizzy. You can see and get ideas when you read a book, when you are gathering with friends, when you are on the market or from a social media site. Look, examine what they are discussing what they are complaining about, make it an idea to get your long tail keyword. This is the way I do it too. And you know, the ideas that we get from here do not need to be explored anymore, because this is clearly in demand by many people. What after reading this? It’s easy to find new ideas for long tail keywords? Please visit the SUBMITClimb YouTube channel where you can get more guides and tutorials that might be useful for you.

4# SEMRush.

If you read my previous article you would already know about SEMRush, by using this tool you and I can get ideas for keywords that are used by other people or our competitors.

Remember large websites usually do in-depth keyword research, so just use what they have done using this SEMrush software. You just search and start creating articles with the keywords they use. This is the way I do it most often until now. Why do I do this? Because their website is big and I want to be a big person like them, thankfully my work is helped by the help of this tool, I am faster and easier to find long tail keywords.

Value A Keyword Long Tail

After you find long tail keyword, of course there is a next step that you must do. Because it is impossible for us to just find a keyword without knowing and finding out about this one thing, “the value of a long tail keyword”

Note this, A Long tail Keyword that has a high value must have its features:

  1. Monthly search volume is usually not empty or 0. This standard is always my benchmark, you can follow my standards or your own standards. For keywords in English, my minimum search number is 700
  2. Has commercial intent. Forgot to remember this one, please read in my previous article, search for yourself so that you will remember more about this discussion.
  3. The level of competition in search engines is usually fairly easy to conquer. Pay attention to the level of competition, if you are competing high, it is useless for your target, because the search for a month is small but the level of competition is very high. Waste time for me if keywords are like this.

Choose a Promising Keyword

You have collected a lot of long tail keywords until this discussion. The next step is how we choose the most promising keywords.

I usually use the help of Excel or Spreedsheet software to collect keywords and classify which keywords should I first make the article? I usually group it by volume, intent and also the level of difficulty of each keyword. You can separate it into separate files or on different pages.

The keyword that you will use to optimize the website that you are building, must be based on this messenger:

  1. Blog Information – volume, competition level keywords and Intents
  2. Business Blog – volume, intent and level of keyword competition
  3. Blog e-Commerce – intent, volume and competition level keywords
  4. Blog or service website – intent, volume and competition level keywords
  5. Micro Blog – the level of competition for keywords, intent and volume

So when the factors I mentioned above we can choose which keywords are really very profitable for the website that you are optimizing now.

You can also build a new business website to support or target high volume. We will continue our discussion in the next article about how to optimize a website.

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