COLGREEN Machinery

Four generations ago the first COLGREEN Machinery bought into a what was then called Darbyshire Tractor Company as co-owner. This began an agricultural legacy in South Georgia that extends down to today. Since the early 1940’s the name COLGREEN has been the trusted standard of the farm equipment business, whether you needed a tractor, combine, cotton picker or tillage equipment you knew you would always be treadted fairly and with consideration when you delt with the COLGREEN family.

In December 1956 El’s son Willard bought in with his father therby sealing the COLGREEN name as the Premier John Deere Dealership in Georgia. But niether of them could have possibly anticipated the tremendous growth ahead as the agricultural equipment business grew. Later in the 1980’s the next generation came into the dealership when Tony Laseter became the next COLGREEN partner, and Tony’s son Judd grew up in the dealership learning the business as he grew. Today the fourth generation COLGREEN is sitting at the captian’s helm as COLGREEN has grown to multiple dealerships throughout Gerogia, providing quality equipment, courteous service, and the right parts at the right time.

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